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Louise Mathias

Louise Mathias

Student Engagement Sub-Committee

Louise is a Barrister, Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS), Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), Collaborative Coach, Family Law Arbitrator, Facilitator and Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (SEIQ).

Louise brings a fresh approach to dispute resolution, as she combines a unique mix of skills and knowledge, learned from her diverse life and employment background, training, education and experiences, to successfully reduce conflict and find mutually satisfactory solutions. She is a problem solver.

Prior to Louise’s entry into Law she was a Medical Specialist Practice Manager, where she attended theatre with a wide variety of surgical specialists. Louise built up a deep repository of medical knowledge and experience. She understands the intersect between law and medicine.

Louise has successfully represented clients in family law, personal injury, wills and estates and employment matters since being admitted to practice and called to the Bar. In family law, Louise has pursued her passion to assist families resolve their disputes more healthily, as a non-court based dispute resolution specialist. She continues to represent clients as a Barrister, Mediator and Facilitator in medical negligence, public liability and abuse cases.

Her authentic mediation practice focuses on building rapport, using assertive communication, identifying and effectively managing emotions (SEIQ) and ensures all voices are heard and acknowledged. Louise assists clients bridge the gap between possibilities and realities, with her effective technical and legal skills combined with SEIQ, benefiting clients by her technical and human approach.

Louise is in a rare position to guide a wide range of individuals, lawyers and firms, in various legal areas, through a number of dispute resolution services, methods and resources to assist resolve disputes, respectfully.

She is originally from Newcastle then Parkes in NSW before settling in Sydney over 30 years ago. She has a dry sense of humour, she is astute, SEIQ competent and legally sound to mediate cases ranging from family law through to personal injury.

Louise is listed on the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Bar Association of New South Wales, Family Law Settlement Service and Immediation (online) Mediator Panels. She is a Committee Member at Resolution Institute’s Family Law and Facilitative Professional Development Group. She vlogs on legal and human issues, informing the legal profession and lawyers of the benefits of valuing and practicing with SEIQ equally with technical skills, in her quest to promote lawyers and mediators health and wellbeing balanced with achieving optimal success and outcomes in dispute resolution. She is a frequent Speaker at seminars and conferences on practical tips for dispute resolution and negotiation and includes the importance of human ‘soft’ skills to resolve conflict. She is a former adjunct Lecturer at the University of Sydney.

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