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13 September 2018 - Workshop - Family Conflict in Later Life: The Role of Mediation and Issues of Elder Abuse

Family Conflict in Later Life?

The Role of Mediation and Issues of Elder Abuse

This one-day workshop includes three specialist speakers and a panel discussion at the end.


Linda Rogers—Solicitor who appears in the Guardianship Division of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

Rodney Lewis—Solicitor, practising only in Elder Law, seminar presenter, author of Elder Law in Australia, Lexis Nexis

Connie Comber—Social Work Background, Accredited Mediator, Consultancy for Elderly Matters

Part 1. Types of family conflicts that occur around older people that involve the Guardianship Division of NCAT

Ms Rogers will cover issues including: lack of communication and distrust, disputes about care for older people, property or money, access to the older person, powers of attorney, abuse and financial exploitation, and entrenched family conflict.

Part 2. Elder abuse and its legal connection

Mr Lewis will cover the definition of ‘elder abuse’, review its current prevalence and the increasing potential for abuse amongst vulnerable demographics, the mechanisms in place to identify such abuse and its limitations, and the role of mediation in early intervention.

Part 3. Psycho-social context of families in later life

Ms Comber will address questions including: Why is conflict so common in later life? Are all families suitable candidates for mediation or should the focus also be ways of providing Dispute Resolution skills building? Given the pervasiveness of disputes in later life families, does this play a part in the increase of elder abuse (or the perception of that)?

CPD: 4.5

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Additional Info

  • Date: Thursday, 13 September 2018
  • Time: 10:00am - 2:30pm
  • Venue (Address): NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre Level 1, 174 Phillip Street Sydney
  • Price: $50 for members; $150 for non-members; $20 for executive members
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