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Bridging the Mighty Gap from Newly Trained to Experienced Mediator

Bridging the Mighty Gap from Newly Trained to Experienced Mediator

Presented by Bianca Keys

In 2013 Bianca delved into a common problem faced by new mediators: The “mighty gap” between training and experiential development. She cast the net wide to invite as much feedback as possible and presented the topic at LEADR’s Kon-gres in Sydney.

Mediation trainers commonly face a room of eager new mediators – attending a mediation course thinking they are in for an “easily developed” skill. As an experienced trainer, Bianca has been struck time and again by those same eager faces leaving a mediation course brutally aware of what they don’t know. 

Bianca firmly believes that this mind-set can be fostered by the mediation community in order to develop a new generation of competent and credible professionals - to perpetuate a sense of confidence in the profession.

However, rather than foster this as best we can, we often leave fresh-faced mediators facing the mighty gap between training and experience. 

Some organisations have made headway to address this gap, and there are certainly admirable individual attempts being made. But there is great potential for us, as a mediation community, to do so much more.

This session will explore the feedback that Bianca received from mediators who have faced this gap. Some have succeeded, some are still trying, and some have sadly given up. 

This is an opportunity to identify the obstacles and explore ways to overcome them. In particular it is a chance to address how ADRA can adopt, inspire and develop a new generation of mediators.

Join us for an interactive and challenging dialogue…and possibly the beginnings of an action plan.

About Bianca Keys

Bianca is the Director of Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting (BKDRC). BKDRC specialises in commercial, workplace and healthcare disputes and aims to assist individuals and organisations to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict in meaningful and relevant ways.

Bianca has 10 years experience in the ADR field and has worked in the UK, South-East Asia and the Middle East, as a mediator and mediation trainer. She is particularly passionate about developing new mediators and delivering training that does more than just “tick the boxes”.

Over the past decade Bianca has held federal government appointments involving the design and management of dispute resolution schemes for the Australian franchising, horticulture and petroleum industries. In these capacities she has been active in educating industry groups regarding the role of mediation to effectively resolve disputes. These appointments have also fostered in Bianca a true enthusiasm for facilitating difficult industry and system wide discussions.

Bianca has a legal background (BA/LLB) and specialist training in community, commercial, family, workplace and public disputes. Her work has allowed her the opportunity to travel extensively and to work with a variety of cultural and religious groups. One of her favourite experiences has involved working with the Malaysian Syariah Courts to train court officers in mediation.

Having entered the mediation world in her mid-twenties, Bianca is grateful for the opportunities she has had. As a result, she has a passion for mediation training and makes it part of her practice to offer assistance to new mediators when the training doors close and the real experiential journey begins. In doing so she has witnessed the common obstacles faced by the newly trained, and believes that many of these obstacles can be overcome. 

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Additional Info

  • Date: Thursday, 26 June 2014
  • Time: 5:30pm - 6:00pm
  • Venue (Address): Law Society, Level 3, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney
  • Price: 20.00
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