Alison James


Alison is a nationally accredited mediator under NMAS, FDRP and Arbitrator.

Alison studied a double degree in Law and Arts at University of Adelaide, while juggling law school, Japanese studies and working in her parents’ retail shop. From here, she became an accredited specialist in family law and partner in a boutique family law firm, having also completed an MBA, married and having 2 delightful children. Alison had a light bulb moment in 2011 while receiving her National accreditation in mediation at Bond University, where she came to realise that mediation could help her achieve her primary career goal: to help people and businesses resolve their disputes themselves with some assistance and guidance, while saving time, stress, relationships and money on costly legal processes.

In January 2013, Alison retired as a partner of BBS Lawyers and Mediators, and set up her own mediation practice; SHAW Mediation Australia. This decision was driven by her goal to change and reshape how most disputes are resolved, and give people resolution – not just solutions. In 2014, Alison completed postgraduate studies in Mediation at University of South Australia, and was appointed to the Adelaide Magistrates Court panel of Mediators. She also mediated disputes for ReturntoWorkSA and became a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner for the Attorney General’s Department.


Adelaide, South Australia


Family (parenting and property),
return to work,
estate, business,
government (local, state, and federal),
banking and finance,
clubs and associations,
bullying and harassment,
industrial relations,
medical and professional negligence,



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