Supporting and transforming the community of dispute resolution practice by providing leadership, direction and growth.

  • Practitioner Member

    Practitioner Member

    $140.00 AUD

    ADRA's Practitioner Members are dispute resolvers.

    Practitioner Members who meet the necessary requirements are provided with National Mediation Accreditation.

    In addition to general ADRA events, ADRA provides special events for its Practitioner Members.

    Price: $140 per year

  • Non-practitioner Member

    Non-practitioner Member

    $80.00 AUD

    Non-practitioner members are committed to dispute resolution principles. These are usually Retired members; ADRA's Retired Members that have previously been dispute resolvers, but no longer practice dispute resolution. They are keen to stay in contact with the ADRA community.

    Benefits for Non-practitioner members include attending ADRA events.

    Price: $80 per year

  • Organisational Member

    Organisational Member

    $280.00 AUD

    Organisational Members include dispute resolution organisations, government departments, courts and tribunals. This subscription level grants membership for the entire organisation.

    Price: $280.00 AUD

  • Student


    $20.00 AUD

    ADRA's Student Members are students who are studying, and/or are interested in, dispute resolution. ADRA's Student Members are not receiving an income from Dispute Resolution.

    Benefits for Student members include attending ADRA events.

    Price: $20 per year