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  • Practitioner Member

    Practitioner Member

    $140.00 AUD

    ADRA's Practitioner Members are dispute resolvers. They are eligible to apply for accreditation under the Nationally Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). Please click here for more information.

    There are two levels of the Practitioner Membership: NMAS Practitioner Member and Non-NMAS Practitioner Member. If you wish to be a NMAS Practitioner Member, please also apply for accreditaton separately or provide evidence that you are accredited with a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) to

    ADRA provides special events, supervision and access to its Complaints Handling Mechanism for its Practitioner Members. 

    Price: $140 per year

  • Non-practitioner Member

    Non-practitioner Member

    $80.00 AUD

    Non-practitioner members are those who no longer practice dispute resolution. These are usually retired members or those whom have previously been dispute resolvers and are keen to stay in contact with the ADRA community.

    The benefit of Non-Practitioner Membership is that members are able to continue their interests in dispute resolution while not practicing in the field and have access to ADRA events.

    Price: $80 per year

  • Organisational Member

    Organisational Member

    $280.00 AUD

    Organisational Members include dispute resolution organisations, government departments, courts and tribunals. This subscription level grants membership for the entire organisation. As an organisational member, up to four individuals of your organisation are able participate in ADRA events at a time.

    Organisational Members have access to ADRA events and the Complaints Handling Mechanism.

    Price: $280.00 AUD

  • Student


    $20.00 AUD

    ADRA's Student Members are full-time students who are studying, and/or are interested in, dispute resolution. ADRA's Student Members are not receiving an income.

    Benefits for Student members include attending ADRA events at a subsidised rate of $20 per event.

    Price: $20 per year