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Judith Kerr

Judith Kerr


Judith is a nationally accredited mediator under NMAS and currently on the Law Society of NSW Panel of Mediators.

Judith studied a double degree in Law and Arts at Macquarie University. After being admitted as solicitor in NSW she commenced work as a civil litigation solicitor with Legal Aid NSW. Judith now works in suburban practice undertaking general litigation with a special interest in employment law and disputes about a person's "capacity to enter into legal transactions". These areas of law have resulted in her acting in many matters before the courts and before the Guardianship Tribunal as it then was, and now before the Guardianship Division of NCAT. Most of these matters she believes were calling out for a more appropriate means of dispute resolution than the traditional adversarial approach. This led her to undertaking training in mediation at the NSW College of Law and then her National accreditation under NMAS with the Law Society of NSW.

Judith has longed believed and seen in her experiences with clients that using the traditional avenues for dispute resolution has not provided the outcomes that most clients were seeking. Judith is very keen to help people and businesses resolve their disputes themselves with facilitation through mediation, while also saving time, stress, and money on costly legal processes, and with the hope of restoring the relationships that are impacted by the disputes.

Judith is also trained in conflict coaching and brings that skill to all her mediations, including those as a legal representative and those as a mediator.

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