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ADRA Minutes of the Meeting Tuesday 24 May 2016


ADRA Meeting

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Law Society, Level 2, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney 2000


Chair: Katherine Johnson

Vice President: Peter O'Brien, Naomi Holtring

Secretary: Wendy Buchanan

Treasurer: Margaret McCue, Andrew Wong (Assistant)

Membership Officer: Dennis Nolan

Members Attending: Katherine Johnson, Margaret McCue, Anne Ardagh, Paula Castile, Emily Kwok, Wendy Buchanan, Andrew Wong, Jane Houselander

Apologies: Dennis Nolan, Salli Browning, Mark Brady, Jean-Marcel Malliaté, Naomi Holtring, Allan Parker, Mary Walker, Ann Fieldhouse, Paul Gibson, Laurence Bouille, Frank Astill

Guest Speaker: Nil


Meeting commenced at 6.30 pm. ADRA Board resolved that:

1. Leading Growth and Direction:

  • Minutes of last meeting be received and accepted – Moved by Paula Castile, Seconded by Emily Kwok.
  • The Dispute Resolution Industry Forum (DRI Forum) have decided to hold a meeting on 12 August 2016 at the Australian Dispute Centre (ADC) as the ADC are celebrating their anniversary on 13 August. It was agreed that 12 August will be a convenient time to hold the event. The DRI Forum have also decided to use 12 August 2016 to discuss with organisations how they would like to participate in the DRI Forum.
  • Mary Walker will be contacting Edward Santo as a Guest Speaker for the DRI Forum. Thanks, Mary.
  • The Board has re-arranged the program so organisations would speak first to allow them more time to address their activities and contribution to the dispute resolution industry.
  • The DRI Forum is hoping to have Government access to allow the industry for consultation work.
  • Simon will be designing a logo for the DRF. Thanks, Simon.
  • The DRI Forum is currently a steering committee without a physical office.
  • Anne Ardagh recently discovered a piece of document dated 3/2/1998 about the DRI Forum. This shows that discussions about it existed since 1998 and now is the time to drive this cause.


  • In regards to the 30th Celebrations, Paul Gibson will no longer be speaking about AMATI, but the Centre for Conflict Resolution of which he is the Executive Director.
  • Niranjana Bhattacharjee has met with Katherine and Anne Ardagh regarding the scanning of ADRA documents. We currently have reduced the materials to two boxes for scanning and will decide which items will be published onto the website and which will be archived. A special thank you to Anne for her effort in sorting out the boxes. Thank you Andrew and Nira for their efforts.
  • This is a friendly reminder to all Board members to send a short bio and profile picture to Simon Olsen to showcase for the 30th Celebration.
  • Ann Fieldhouse may be able to obtain a video of one of Laurence Street’s interview to be presented at the 30th Celebration
  • We encourage all Board members to bring one or two friends to the event. We anticipate 60 people to attend.
  • Participants at the Celebrations can count 6 CPD points for attending the day.

2. Policy Issues:

  • An active succession plan for 2016 is now being encouraged. We look forward to hearing from executive members who may be interested in taking the role of President in June 2016. Wendy and Katherine will make the nominations available for the Board.
  • We are hoping to collaborate with other organisations such as the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Australia and New Zealand Association for Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL). Currently the APS have endorsed ADRA for conjoint functions because we are a voluntary organisation.
  • Wendy and Katherine have written a letter to the ATO to amend the spelling of ADRA. Katherine will call the ATO to follow up on the amendment. Thank you, Wendy and Katherine.
  • The AGM is scheduled for 23 August. As this is the second year of the two year term, the current Executive will continue as is. Nominations for a new board will be held at the end of the next financial year in 2017.

3. Finance: Treasurer's Report:

  • The latest figures up to 24 May 2016 were $3,536 in our cheque account; and $7,760 in the paypal account. This equates to a total of $11,296 as our working monies and we still have approximately $16,232 in our term deposit.

4. Correspondence:

  • InterMediate have kindly offered $300 worth of training at their organization as a lucky draw prize at the Celebrations dinner. Thank you, Jean-Marcel and Naomi.

5. Practitioner Support: Membership Officer:

  • The MSB are currently our accreditation body. Members seeking accreditation for their practice are required to pay ADRA $100 every two years, which will be sent directly to MSB for processing. A list of accredited members are then posted onto their website.

6. MPN Sessions

  • The Mediation Practice Network Sessions which were held on the first Monday of the month were not a successful as anticipated in relation to the number of attendees. For that reason, the number of sessions has been reduced to four per year - two Mondays on 7 March and 5 September at the Law Society; and two Saturdays - 4 June and 3 December at George Street RSL. The first of these convened by Wendy and Margaret was very successful and attendees requested that the sessions be monthly. The Board resolved that it would provide co-ordinators to convene the MPN sessions for any group (four or more people) that requested same.
  • The board further resolved that time spent at these sessions could be counted as continuing professional development points (CPD) with supervision. This is a much cheaper option for members than any other supervision program available to date which gives members the opportunity to practice and improve their skills with the supervision of a senior Mediator for the cost of $10.00 for members and $25 for non-members via PayPal.
  • Current volunteers for MPN sessions:
    • Saturday 4 June 2016 at the RSL, George street Sydney, 10:30am with Jane Houselander and Paula Castile on Agenda Setting.
    • Monday 5 September 2016 at Law Society, NSW 170 hillip Street Sydney, at 5:30pm with Peter O'Brien and Wendy Buchanan on Exploration
    • Saturday 3rd December 2016 at George street RSL with Mary Reheby and Salli Browning on Agreements
  • Many thanks to the volunteers

7. Peer Support/Mentoring Groups

  • The peer-support program is a new policy initiative that begins when a member joins ADRA and they are allocated to an executive member for peer support. This replaces the previous 'buddy system'. The executive member will receive an email with the new member’s phone number and will make contact as soon as possible to introduce themselves as the peer supporter. The time spent together either on the phone or in person will count towards CPD and can include active participation by the new member in ADRA events and/or meetings.

8. Upcoming Events

  • 30th Celebrations on 30th June 2016. ADRA is indebted to International Conferences and Events (ICE) and in particular to Raquel Robson, Director of ICE, for their marketing of our celebrations for free. ADRA has resolved to invite Raquel to the Celebrations and dinner for free. It is the least we can do for their very generous contribution. Many thanks, Raquel.
  • There have been many discussions about possible joint seminars with ANZAPPL and with APS DR&Psych to be held in September/October 2016. These will be finalized at the July meeting.

9. Other Business

  • ADRA’s post office box was cancelled due to lack of notification for payment but has now been restored at the cost of $275. We have managed to maintain the same number that is PO BOX A2468 Sydney South 1235.
  • Final details and payment for catering will be sent to the Australian Museum by 28 June 2016. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Celebrations.
  • The Board authorised Andrew Wong as the signatory for the association's account (BSB 062021 ACCT NO 10606359) and term deposit (062021 50159979).
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