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ADRA Annual General Meeting Minutes 23 August 2016

Time: 5:30pm Initial Start, Reconvened at 6:30pm

Place: The Law Society, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney, Reconvened in Silks Café, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney

Present at 5:30pm: Salli Browning, Georgia Siabanis, Emily Kwok, Mary Walker, Dennis Nolan, Peter Irving, Raquel Robson, Andrew Wong, Katherine Johnson, Wendy Buchanan, Jane Houselander, Margaret McCue, Peggy Lin, Naomi Holtring, Jean-Marcel Malliate

Present at 6:30pm: Ruth Charlton, Geoff Charlton, Paul Lewis, Peter Irving, Laurence Boulle, Naomi Holtring, Jean-Marcel Malliate, Val Sinclair, Jane Houselander, Dennis Nolan, Pamela Geissler, Margaret McCue, Katherine Johnson, Ashley Wood, Janice McLeay, Yula Blecher, Peggy Lin, Wendy Buchanan, Mary Walker, Andrew Wong, Raquel Robson, Georgia Siabanis

Apologies: Linda Fisher, Mark Brady, Paula Castile, Frank Astill, Peter O'Brien


Item 1

Welcome and Review of Minutes of 24 July 2015 AGM

One revision noted – to include Peggy Lin as an attendee

Proposed resolution: That the minutes of the 30 June 2015 annual general meeting be accepted with the revision noted in Item 3 above. 

Moved: Jane Houselander

Seconded: Peggy Lin

Result: Passed


Item 2

President's report - see attached


Item 3

Treasurer's report - see attached

Proposed resolution: That the financial statements tabled at the annual general meeting be accepted.

Moved: Peggy Lin

Seconded: Jean-Marcel Malliate

Result: Passed


Item 4

Membership report  

  • Wendy Buchanan reporting for Dennis Nolan:
  • currently: 50 financial members, 4 of which are non practitioners
  • review list of expired members
  • in 2015, there were 45 financial members, 14 of which successfully applied for accreditation
  • aim to recruit more members in future
  • Paypal has provided good record keeping, deposits, reminders

Moved: Peter Irving                                                                  

Seconded: Salli Browning

Result: Passed


Item 5

Declaration of Board Vacancies and Nominations

  • Katherine Johnson to remain as President until June 2017
  • She is in second years of second term
  • In April 2017, Wendy to send out new nominations


Item 6

Election of the Board

  • None to report.


Item 7

Membership Fees

  • No change for 2017.


Item 8

Other Business:

  • Xmas event planning underway
  • Katherine Johnson to confirm guest speaker and training session along with ADC co-event
  • Peggy Lin proposed two venues for Xmas event:

Option 1 – Chinese banquet at Palace Restaurant

  • Need a 20% deposit (=$140)
  • Minimum 20 people
  • Cost is 435 not including wine
  • Can bill $50 per person with some wine and unlimited tea and fruit platter
  • Can buy some desserts/puddings


Option 2 – Apprentice in Ultimo

  • More expensive
  • Must pay a bigger deposit without guarantee of numbers

Passed – Option 1

  • Joint venture with ANZAPPL to do hypotheticals (different disciplines to look at how address different scenarios); run another with them in March; good to understand differences
  • ADRA involved in Bar Associations; great feedback
  • DRI Forum continues: 14 May / 12 August


Item 9

Meeting close – 6:15pm, followed by Dinner at Silks Café, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney, second closing at 8:35pm


Extraordinary Events

Meeting reconvened at 8:20pm in Silks Café by Katherine Johnson

There was a miscommunication regarding the start time of the AGM.  Some thought it was at 5:30pm and some 6:30pm.  As such, the AGM was reconvened and summarised by Mary Walker, Katherine Johnson and Peggy Lin for those who missed the 5:30pm AGM.  The minutes have been adjusted to reflect this.  Katherine Johnson expressed her sincerest and repeated apologies for this confusion.  Katherine also thanked everyone for their dedication and hard work.  

It was suggested that minutes be circulated earlier in the future.

Motion: To ratify that what had occurred at AGM commencing at 5:30pm by ADRA and issues and motions put at that meeting that arose from the agenda and summary provided.

Moved: Mary Walker                                                             

Seconded: Dennis Nolan

Result: Passed


Meeting close at 8:35pm.


Minute Taker: Georgia Siabanis

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