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ADRA Minutes of the Meeting Tuesday 26 July 2016

Venue: Law Society, Level 2, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney 2000


President/Chair: Katherine Johnson
Secretary: Wendy Buchanan
Treasurer: Andrew Wong (Assistant Treasurer)
Members: Jane Houselander, Mary Walker, Paula Castile, Emily Kwok, Georgia Siabanis
Apologies: Mark Brady, Dennis Nolan, Salli Browning, Margaret McCue, Ann Fieldhouse, Peter O’Brien, Paul Gibson, Naomi Holtring, Allan Parker, Jean-Marcel Malliate, Laurence Boulle, Peter O’Brien.
Guest Speaker: Nil


Meeting commenced at 6.30 pm. ADRA Board resolved that:

1. Leading Growth and Direction:

  • Minutes of last meeting be received and accepted – Moved by Paula Castile, Seconded by Jane Houselander.
  • The Steering Committee for the Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF) held a teleconference on 7 April at which it decided to change the date of the Forum from 14 May to 12 August to give itself time to prepare properly due to the other commitments of its members. Another teleconference meeting was held on 13 July 2016 to confirm the program by inviting Ed Santow the Human Rights commissioner as the main Guest Speaker given that Senator Brandis could not attend.
  • Each organisation will still give a short presentation of the perceived strengths and weaknesses to the proposed Forum Charter. It is anticipated that the afternoon session will showcase a website for the Forum presented by Simon Olsen followed by a planning session incorporating the views presented in the morning session re the vision of the Forum as a united voice to Government. Further discussion will be held re the terms of the Charter to address ADRA’s response as an invitee to the Forum.
  • Jeremy Gormley confirmed that he was still prepared to discuss the future of ADRAC at the Forum and Mary Walker agreed to give a summary of the Global Pound Conference the first of which was held in Singapore on 17 and 18 March 2016 given that Fiona Hollier was not available to attend the Forum. The Global Pound conference is a brand new International initiative to organise a general set of standards worldwide for dispute resolution, in particular for mediation. It has been primarily convened by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) of which Mary Walker is on the Board; but the Sydney conference which will occur in 2017 is primarily steered by Resolution Institute. ADRA has been invited to assist with the conference.
  • ADRA's 30th Birthday Celebrations went very well, with Anne Ardagh giving an excellent history of ADRA on the day. We thank Penny Street for her attempts to bring Sir Laurence to the dinner but unfortunately he was not well enough to come.
  • The basic theme for ADRA’s 30th Anniversary was to present ADRA’s mission statement namely ‘Building Community through DR’. The possibility of publishing the proceedings for 30th Anniversary through the Australian Dispute Resolution Journal is now a possibility and Ruth Charlton will confirm shortly if a special edition can occur.

2. Policy Issues:

  • An active succession plan for 2017 is now being encouraged. We look forward to hearing from executive members who may be interested in taking the role of President in June 2017.
  • June 2016-2017 is Katherine’s 2nd Year of the 2nd term and she looks forward to handing over a very healthy ADRA to the next President.

3. Finance: Treasurer's Report:

  • As Margaret was not in attendance, Wendy read out the latest figures up to 30 June 2016 which were $6,358.83 in our cheque account; and $4,217.56 in the paypal account. This equates to a total of $10,576.39 as our working monies and we still have approximately $16, 905.00 in our term deposit.
  • Katherine transferred $10,000 from our working account into the term deposit which required setting for another 3 months at around 2%. We now have $26, 905 in the term deposit.
  • The Board agreed to refund Katherine a cheque for $240.00 being gifts for the speakers on 30th June.
  • ADRA is mindful that it needs to submit the Treasurer’s report as required 28 days after holding our AGM on 23 August 2016.

4. Correspondence:

  • Margaret McCue, Wendy Buchanan and Katherine Johnson all have a copy of ADRA’s Post Office Box key. There was an account from Post Office to pay for the Box in the ADRA Post Box which became overdue and was therefore cancelled. Katherine went to collect any mail from the box and then spent several hours re-instating the box with our original number after paying the fees. We are now back on track.
  • Bank statements for our working account and our term deposit account are still being received by Katherine and sent to Wendy's home address to follow through with Margaret and /or Andrew. Arrangements will shortly be made to have the bank statements sent directly to Wendy as our correspondence officer.
  • Many emails have been received from new members joining ADRA and we thank Dennis Nolan for his very warm welcome of the new members.
  • Emails have also been received from prospective members wanting insurance. Katherine has directed them to Stephanie on our web-page as the GIO representative. This contact is currently working well but needs more advertising.
  • Requests have been made from Queensland and S.A. for the possibility of opening ADRA branches there. Further discussions about how to do this will be convened by the ADRA Board at the next meeting. In principle ADRA is happy to support such requests provided the members setting up such groups comply with our Constitution etc.
  • An email was received by a member in Victoria requesting a return of funds for not attending the 30th Celebrations given that he thought they were being held in Melbourne. Katherine responded asking him to send his details of address to return the money but there was no further response from him.
  • Simon has now included a ‘Past Events’ tab on our website so that past minutes can be seen.
  • We now have two organizational members – one from Alison Shaw in South Australia and one from Mediate Today with Lorraine and Robert Lopich. ADRA thanks both these organisations for their support.

5. Practitioner Support: Membership Officer:

  • Details of the monthly activity for Campaign Monitor will be forwarded to the executive by Andrew to demonstrate our monthly activity. Many thanks Andrew.
  • We currently have 8 followers of our Linked in group and encourage more. Other suggestions for a membership drive include connecting with all past and un-financial members to renew; offering online referrals; continuing the use of MPN with a peer support system including CPD points for participation. Offering free membership to students such as those from Global Leaders in exchange for placing our events on their website. Please feel free to contact Katherine on 0421 321 276 or Wendy on 0411 284 808 should you be interested in taking responsibility for one of the above membership drive suggestions.

6. MPN Sessions

  • The Mediation Practice Network Sessions have been reduced to 4 per year - 2 Mondays on 7 March and 5 September at the Law Society; and two Saturdays - 4 June and 3 December at George Street RSL. The first of these convened by Wendy and Margaret was very successful as was the second convened by Paula and Jane.
  • Current volunteers for MPN sessions:
    • Monday 5 September 2016 at Law Society, NSW 170 Phillip Street Sydney, at 5:30pm with Peter O'Brien and Wendy Buchanan on Exploration
    • Saturday 3rd December 2016 at George street RSL with Mary Reheby and Salli Browning on Agreements
  • Many thanks to the volunteers

7. Peer Support/Mentoring Groups

  • The peer-support program is a new policy initiative that begins when a member joins ADRA and they are allocated to an executive member for peer support. The aim is that the new member has a sense of belonging and has a contact point about how ADRA can best meet their needs. For example the new member can promote a paper they have written for placement on the website under ‘Professional Matters’ or can give a talk on a topic on which they would like to receive some feedback; etc. Any such professional discussion contributes to accumulating continuing professional development points (CPD).

8. Upcoming Events.

  • Proposed Seminars : March 2017: Joint Hypothetical with ANZAPPL on Sex Money and Power
  • May 2017: Joint seminar with College of Counselling Psychologists
  • MPN events in, September and December 2016
  • ADRA’s Xmas Party 29 November 2016 Possibly with guest speaker Justice Ambeng Kandakasi from the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court.

9. Other Business

  • Raquel Robson, director of International Conferences and Events (ICE) which is currently convening the NMC on the Gold Coast, has agreed to attend our ADRA meetings. ICE marketed our 30th B/day celebrations nationally for free and ADRA extends its gratitude to Raquel for so doing. It is indeed a pleasure to have such young people as Raquel take a genuine interest in promoting the cause of Dispute Resolution and we welcome Raquel to our meetings.
  • ADRA will consider the possibility of offering Internships to young people to get more involved in DR. Further discussion about this at the September meeting.
  • Katherine has been invited to chair a panel workshop for barristers on Neuropsychology and DR on 13 August. Emily Kwok, Dianna Kenny and Jane Houselander are the Panel members and ADRA is proud to announce that two of the three are on the ADRA Board. Dianna is an ADRA member.
  • ADRA received very positive feedback from the Australian Museum to thank us for the beautiful floral arrangement Wendy selected which ADRA gifted to the museum for its wonderful service on the 30th June. Both Ingrid and the catering staff made our celebrations a huge success.
  • Feedback was also received from Maureen Dawson Smith on the issue of her accreditation which is now resolved. Katherine and Jane have since been re-accredited and ADRA thanks Peter for his great work as the accreditation officer.
  • Peter O’Brien announced that he will no longer be serving on the ADRA board but has accepted to continue being ADRA’s accreditation officer. ADRA warmly thanks Peter for all his contributions to the Board, thanks him again for his on-going support as the accreditation officer and wishes him well with all his ventures.
  • Frank Astill also will be leaving the Board this year. Frank has played a pivotal role behind the scenes for ADRA and ADRA warmly thanks Frank for all his contributions to ADRA and to the DR industry. We look forward to seeing both Frank and Peter at our seminars.
  • Katherine confirmed with Val Sinclair that participating in role plays such as occurs in the MPN sessions constitutes valid CPD points for MSB accreditation.
  • ADRA has been invited to form a table of 10 for the ADC awards which are to occur on 13 August at the Australian Cricket Club. At this stage Katherine has agreed to attend to represent ADRA.
  • Next meeting for ADRA is on 27 September at 5:30pm at the Law Society, 170 Phillip Street Sydney.
  • 26 July 2016 meeting concluded at 7:45 pm. Many thanks to those who participated. We look forward to implementing our new plans.
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