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ADRA Minutes of the Meeting Tuesday 25 October 2016

Venue: Law Society 17 Phillip Street, SYDNEY 2000


Chair: Katherine Johnson
Treasurers: Andrew Wong (Assistant)
Members: Jane Houselander, Peggy Lin, Georgia Siabanis, Naomi Holtring, Paula Castile, Mary Walker, Laurence Boulle, Raquel Robson, Harry Haber
Secretary: Wendy Buchanan
Apologies: Paul Gibson, Anne Ardagh, Dennis Nolan, Jean Marcel Malliaté, Mark Brady, Margaret McCue
Guest Speaker: Leonie Johnson from Primary Ethics


Meeting commenced at 5:30pm. ADRA Board resolved that:

1. Leading Growth and Direction:

  • September Minutes were approved by Paula Castile and seconded by Wendy Buchanan.
  • Katherine chaired the October meeting as her trip had to be cancelled.
  • Ambeng is available to speak at our Christmas Party on 29 November 2016. We look forward to the event.
  • Katherine to contact Glen Garryn to confirm whether he can speak next year to an ADRA group. Thanks, Katherine.
  • The Board resolved to conduct five one-day workshops in 2017 beginning at 9:30am and ending at 4:30pm for which 7 CPD points will be granted. The workshops will be conducted on the last Friday of the month, beginning with 28 February, followed by 28 April, 30 June, 25 August, and 27 October. We resolved that the workshop would cost $150 per ADRA member, $50 of which will go to the presenter and $100 to ADRA. For non-members, a special fee of $225 will give them one year of ADRA membership and qualify them for insurance at ADRA costs.
    • 28 February, Katherine Johnson, the Impact of Grief and Loss on the Effectiveness of Mediation Outcomes
    • 28 April, Leanne Johnson (Primary Ethics)
    • 30 June, Mary Walker
    • 25 August, Jane Houselander
    • 27 October, Emily Kwok and Wendy Buchanan
  • The Board further resolved to offer student membership at $20. Students will need to show evidence of full-time enrolment at an education institution and may sign up as members at any of our events.
  • Katherine to contact the Bar Association to advertise ADRA workshops.
  • The Board also resolved to continue the MPNs as in 2016. The following dates for 2017 have been set.
    • Monday 6 March (Law Society – Paula Castile and Jane Houselander)
    • Saturday 3 June (RSL George Street – Mary Walker and Laurence Boulle)
    • Monday 4 September (Law Society – Wendy Buchanan)
    • Saturday 2 December (RSL George Street – Peggy Lin)
  • The Board resolved to continue monthly meetings at the Law Society from February to November 2017. ADRA warmly thanks the Law Society for its generous support in offering the venue for free.
  • Katherine to book all of the above. Thanks, Katherine.
  • Simon to create a new Tab on the website exclusively for our minutes. Our minutes are currently placed in the News section and members have expressed difficulties finding our minutes and a separate tab for student membership at $20.
  • In relation to the DRI Forum, Simon is developing a website for us. Thank you, Simon. We also discussed the possibility for ADRA to run events for the forum.
  • Simon advised that he is happy to renew his contract with ADRA for another 3 years. Thanks, Simon for his hard work and support.
  • The Board resolved that we will create an automated welcome letter for newly joined members. Katherine has the template that Dennis Nolan used for new members and will speak with Simon to set this up.
  • In line with our vision to build community, the Board approved joint ventures with APS DR & Psych Interest Group (Dr Emily Kwok convenor) and with ANZAPPL. A joint hypothetical event is anticipated in March 2017 with ANZAPPL and in July 2017 with DR & Psych.
  • The Board resolved to participate in a special industry forum memorial event for David Newton. David was a co-founder of ADRA, ACDC and OFMA to name a few. David’s vision and ability to make things happen will be sorely missed.
  • ADRA to organise a trophy for David as a posthumous award to be given to his family via Bianca Keys and Nina Harding.

2. Finance: Treasurer’s Report:

  • The latest figures up to 25 October 2016 were $11,570.12 in our cheque account and $27,074 in our Term Deposit. Our PayPal funds are transferred to the cheque account monthly. This equates to a total of $38,644.12. Katherine has instructed to transfer $8,000 from our cheque account to the Term Deposit.
  • Andrew still does not have access to the Term Deposit, despite our visit to the Commonwealth Bank last month. Katherine, Wendy, Peggy and Andrew will follow up on this to get Andrew access.

3. Correspondence:

  • Katherine received a call from Ruth Charlton confirming that the special edition of the Australian Dispute Resolution Journal will be forwarded in November with a special editorial for ADRA’s 30th birthday celebrations. The articles feature Anne Ardagh’s talk, David Ardagh’s presentation, Paul Gibson’s presentation and Katherine Johnson’s presentation.
  • Ruth confirmed that Micheline’s Posthumous Award has still not been delivered to John. Some assistance from ADRA may be required to do so in 2017.

4. MPN Sessions:

MPN held at the Law Society of NSW (LS), 170 Phillip Street, Sydney at 5:45pm, Level 3; and at George Street RSL on Level 4 (RSL)

  • Monday 7 March (LS) at 5:45pm – Intake/Initial Assessment (Wendy Buchanan and Margaret McCue)
  • Saturday 4 June (RSL) at 10:30 am – Agenda setting (Jane Houselander and Paula Castile).
  • Monday 5 September (LS) at 5:45pm – Exploration (Peter O’Brien and Wendy Buchanan)
  • Saturday 3 December at 10:30am (RSL) – Agreements: (Mary Reheby and Salli Browning)
    • Paula Castile to confirm if Mary and Salli will be conducting the MPN.

5. Upcoming Events:

  • The Christmas Party will be held on 29 November 2016. Peggy confirmed that the event should cost $50 per member and $65 for non-members for the night. There will be a 6 course banquet with cut fruits and tea. Attendees may purchase alcoholic drinks at the bar. ADRA will hold a brief meeting at 5pm and dinner will commence at 6pm. We will have a guest speaker Ambeng Kandakasi, Supreme Court Judge in Papua New Guinea. We look forward to Justice Kandakasi’s talk.
  • Date for David Newton’s memorial function is set for Friday 2 December at 5:30pm at the ADC, Level 16, 1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. All welcome.
  • There will be no Planning Meeting in January as this was conducted at the October Meeting.
  • Next meeting will be held on 28 February 2017. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.
  • ADRA to participate in the Global Pound Conference to be held around May 2017.
  • ADRA to coordinate the next Dispute Resolution Industry Forum conference workshop around 14 May 2017 in conjunction with the Global Pound Conference.
  • The 2017 AGM will be held on Tuesday 23 May 2017. Nominations for presidency will be sent out by 21 March 2017.
  • ADRA wishes all its members a Merry Christmas period.

6. Other Business:

  • Laurence Boulle reported on the Asian Mediation Conference and the Asian Mediation Association. He said that ADRA should become a member. Laurence will research membership requirements and report back next meeting.
  • Laurence Boulle further suggested that ADRA should become a member of the Global Pound Conference which will be held around May 2017. Laurence to research membership requirements.

Minute Takers: Katherine Johnson, Georgia Siabanis and Andrew Wong

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