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Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

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Dispute Resolution Forum on 14 May 2015

The Steering Committee for the Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF) met on 5 March and organised a draft program for 14 May 2015 meeting of the Forum. The steering committee also met via teleconference on 31 March at 3:30pm to further edit the program for 14 May. It is proposed that the morning session for 14 May will invite each organisation to give a short presentation of their response to the proposed Forum Charter in relation to their perceived strengths and weaknesses if the Charter is adopted. The afternoon session is anticipated to be a planning session based on the views presented in the morning re the vision of the Forum as a united voice to Government. It was agreed that the ADRA board would get a copy of the Charter sent to the invitees for the ADRA April meeting in order to address ADRA's response as an invitee to the Forum.

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