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Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Bulletin (2016) Vol 3 No 2 pp 22-38

Hi all,

Attached is a copy of the May edition of the Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Bulletin. This edition features not only Mary Walker's article posted below, but also Anne Ardargh's article on ADRA's 30th celebrations.

Thanks again to everybody who came along to celebrate our 30th celebrations and to those who supported ADRA along the way.


[Excerpt from AIDC Newsletter 2014] Mediation: From the Outside Looking In

Ever wondered how mediation looks from the outside? As viewed by an observer. How do community members, workplaces, business, government and other potential users, view mediation practice? Is mediation still perceived as “alternative”, or is it now seen as “the norm”, “the way of the future”, or something else?

In this edition, AIDC chats with a member of “Generation Next”, about her perceptions of mediation.

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