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DRAFT DR Industry Forum Steering Group -- Terms of Reference


On 14 May 2014, a full day forum of most of the membership and other major non-government Dispute Resolution (DR) Industry entities met to consider two questions which in broad terms were;

  1. What actions were needed to provide a line of communication between Government and the DR industry on DR issues?
  2. What could the DR industry entities do to increase the use of DR techniques in the community

The Forum concluded its work on 14 May 2014 with, among other things, an invitation to the organizing Steering Group to continue its work towards those questions and with a view to a further DR Industry Forum.


DR INDUSTRY FORUM - 14 May 2014 - Feedback Notes





Opening and purposes by Jeremy Gormly SC, immediate past Chair of NADRAC


The ADR landscape today 

Chaired by Jeremy Gormly SC

  • Mediation – Prof Laurence Boulle
  • Arbitration and adjudication – Warren Fisher
  • Future flexibility in ADR – Prof Tania Sourdin

Morning tea


Developing an industry voice to be heard by government on ADR issues
Facilitated by Fiona Hollier, member of Industry Forum Steering Committee

  • To what extent is an industry-wide, practical approach which enables authoritative lobbying on ADR issues appropriate and practical?
  • What form could such an approach take?



Developing industry strategies for increasing the uptake of ADR in the community, business and government
Facilitated by Mary Walker, member of Industry Forum Steering Committee

  • What practical ideas do we have for increasing the use of ADR?
  • In what ways can these practical ideas be implemented – by combined effort, by individual organisations, by individual ADR practitioners, by …?

Afternoon tea


Where to from now?

Facilitated by Margaret Hal smith, former NADRAC member 


Close and invitation to drinks by Jeremy Gormly SC




AGM President’s Report 24 July 2014

ADRA has had another successful year in 2013-2014 despite the difficulties within the dispute resolution industry during that period. In particular the recent initiatives of the Federal Government to 'absorb' NADRAC into the Attorney General's department in November 2013 and the request of the Australian Government's Productivity Commission (Investigation of Access to Justice Arrangements in Australia) to canvass the role of dispute resolution in the civil area, alerted ADRA to the need for a unified voice from the DR industry with which to lobby government.


The Future for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Australia?

Recently ADRA's Membership was invited by ADRA's Board to a discussion evening to consider together the future for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Australia given two important, recent initiatives of the Federal government: NADRAC had been terminated and (maybe) some of its functions amalgamated into the Attorney General's Department; and, the Australian Government's Productivity Commission investigation of Access to Justice Arrangements in Australia had canvassed the role of alternative dispute resolution in Australia's system of civil dispute resolution. These initiatives had been of concern to many dispute resolution practitioners and had provoked much passionate but uncoordinated discussion amongst ADRA members.

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