ADRA Membership

Want to become a member?

Hover your cursor over the “Membership” tab at the top of the site and click “Apply for Membership”.   If you’d like to speak to someone about becoming a member, contact us and we’ll help you with your membership application.

Levels of Membership

ADRA welcomes many types of Members. ADRA Members include the following:

  • Practitioner Members – ADRA’s Practitioner Members are dispute resolvers and are eligible to apply for accreditation under the National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS). Practitioner Membership alone does not include accreditation under NMAS. Practitioner Members have access to ADRA’s complaints handling mechanism and special events.

    There are two levels of our Practitioner Membership:

  • NMAS Practitioner Member – (those who have accreditation with NMAS).

  • Non-NMAS Practitioner Member – (those who do not have accreditation with NMAS).

  • Organisational Members – ADRA’s Organisational Members come from a diversity of backgrounds. They include dispute resolution organisations, government departments, courts and tribunals. An initial four representatives receive Membership of ADRA, with additional representatives offered Membership upon request and the payment of an additional fee. Organisational Members have access to ADRA’s complaints handling mechanism.

  • Non-practitioner Members – Non-practitioner members are committed to dispute resolution principles. These are usually retired members or those whom have previously been dispute resolvers and are keen to stay in contact with the ADRA community.

  • Student Members – ADRA’s Student Members are full-time students who are interested in dispute resolution. ADRA’s Student Members are not receiving an income.

ADRA’s membership is annual. All members pay a full year subscription upon joining and will be invited to renew their membership near the anniversary of the date they joined ADRA.

Becoming a Nationally Accredited Member

ADRA Accreditation

ADRA’s Practitioner Members may apply to become Nationally Accredited Mediators if they meet the National Accreditation requirements.

The requirements are expressed in the National Mediation Accreditation Standards, and are outlined in the Application Form for National Accreditation.  National accreditation through ADRA incurs an additional fee of $180 for a 2 year period.

For an overview of NMAS accrediation available through ADRA, please click here.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for ADRA Members

Please click here for an overview of the Professional Indemnity Assurance offer available for ADRA members.