ADRA Peer Support Program

ADRA offers a peer support program that includes our executive members making contact to introduce themselves to ADRA members.

The aim of the call is to offer each of our members an opportunity to present their own work either via seminar or publication on our website, or anything else the members might like to offer.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are available for the amount of time spent on peer support. In addition, if an ADRA member organises a group of 3 or more people, we can supply a coordinator for group peer support at a suitable venue or via teleconference at a cost of $10 per person for ADRA members and $25 per person for non-members.

The role also includes general networking to ensure the needs of ADRA members are met. This is a very important initiative in this current climate given that our members now more than ever need to have a direct point of contact for any concerns they may have about their membership or about DR in general. ADRA’s aim is to offer a personal service to assist all its members through this changing DR landscape.

ADRA Peer Support
ADRA Peer Support