Jennifer David

Role of Professor Jennifer David in establishing ADR in the legal and commercial sectors in Australia, as well as its credibility at a political level

In 1986, she conducted the first lectures in ADR at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney.

Also in 1986, she presented Australia’s first ADR conference paper at the Institute of Criminology’s annual conference in Hobart.

In 1987, she worked with the Institute of Criminology’s Don Weatherburn to convene Australia’s first ADR conference (held in Canberra).

She founded, co-founded or was instrumental in founding:

  • 1986 – Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (Terry Sheahan AO, then A-G NSW); was instrumental in bringing Harvard team to Australia and co-trained with them conducting Australia’s first mediation training course through ACDC (Joanna Kalowski attended that course); it was while at ACDC that she trained Sir Laurence Street QC KCMG
  • 1987 – Alternative Dispute Resolution Association of Australia (as it then was); through ADRA, pioneered the development of formal assessment procedures for mediation training
  • 1989 – Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution (as it then was); first CEO, Secretary and mediation trainer

1988 – conducted IAMA’s first mediation course (in NSW, though it was just the Institute of Arbitrators, then); in 2001, she co-developed IAMA’s first national mediation course.  According to Janet Grey, she was prominently influential in IAMA accepting mediation and changing its name.  In the early 1990’s then President, Clyde Croft, sought her advice about the Institute seeking to work with a university in establishing a national mediation course; she convinced him that it would be better for the Institute to run the course in its own right and maintain control of the content and the income it generated.

1989 – As Associate Professor, was co-founder of the Dispute Resolution Centre, Bond University

1994 – world’s first Chair of Dispute Resolution: Freehill, Hollingdale and Page Professor of Law and Dispute Resolution, UTS; founding Director of the UTS Centre for Dispute Resolution

1995 (October) – Foundation member of NADRAC

Developed first ADR post-graduate degrees in Australian Law Faculties:  University of Sydney, UTS (first masters graduate in 1994), UWS and ANU.  She provided supervision to many student researchers, including Professor Tania Sourdin.

1990 – Instrumental in establishing ADR Journal (Law Book Company)

1994 – Founding Editor of Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal (Butterworths)

Was also a foundation member of the NSW law Society’s Dispute Resolution Committee

Was highly influential in establishing Australia’s ADR presence in Asia through her conduct of many ADR, negotiation and mediation courses to judges, court officials and legal administrators in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia.  She also conducted mediation training at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

As Gerald Raftesath said in November 2012: “…her contribution was pivotal in Australia developing into one of the world’s leading ADR jurisdictions.”

Jennifer David

The Australian Dispute Resolution Association Inc. (ADRA) brings together dispute resolution practitioners to provide them with the following:

  • an opportunity to become Nationally Accredited Mediators under the Mediator Standards Board
  • professional indemnity insurance
  • networking events
  • seminars and workshops

ADRA was established in 1986 and has been at the forefront of dispute resolution in Australia.  We embrace all forms of dispute resolution and we pride ourself not only in our heritage, but in our commitment to future development of dispute resolution.

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