Prof Laurence Boulle


Laurence Boulle practised law for five years before becoming an academic.

He has held academic positions at four Australian law schools and has taught at universities in New Zealand, the Pacific, Africa and Europe. He was a foundation staff member at the Bond University Law School where he established the Dispute Resolution Centre which continues to provide extensive training and continuing professional development after two decades. His current teaching and research interests are in mediation and alternative dispute resolution and globalisation and international economic law.

Laurence Boulle has published extensively in constitutional law, employment law, mediation and ADR, and international investment and globalisation. His books on mediation have been published in seven countries. He has presented papers at numerous international conferences, in the first of 2014 in Hong Kong, the UK and Austria.

He has practised for 20 years as a mediator and as consultant to governments on conflict management and dispute systems design. He was chair of the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council for two terms and currently serves as Chair of the Mediator Standards Board. He has also served on the National Native Title Tribunal as a part-time member.

Prof Laurence Boulle